26 June 2013

around the City


here I am, in my "New York City Girl" version: how do I look?

illustration for Détails de Style, by Davide Tosello ART

24 June 2013


Détails de Style fashion selection
"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous."
(Coco Chanel)

dress  and slingback, Zara US; 
 leather clutch , Alexander Wang (seen on mytheresa.com);
bracelet, Mango US; nail polish, Chanel.

17 June 2013

in the City

"that's why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun"
(Sex and the City)

 NY, piece of my heart! thanks for this wonderful time, definitely one to remember.

14 June 2013

ripped jeans

Détails de Style fashion selection
another very popular must have in NY? ripped jeans.
For you, my new fashion selection inspired by this so cool fashion trend.
What do you think?

Top, Topshop - Ripped jeans, Zara US - Sandals, Zara US 
Headphones, We are Frends (seen on lavantgardiste.com) - Nail polish, Zoya

12 June 2013

all crazy for Furoshiki

Oggi, su Détails de Style, una storia - decisamente vincente - tutta al femminile.
La protagonista? Barbara Perrone, ovvero paper designer, event planner, giftwrapper, 
blogger, e  molto altro ancora... l'elenco è lungo, credetemi!
La sua ultimissima scommessa? La Furoshiki experience.

Trattasi di una tecnica nata in Giappone, abilmente riproposta da Barbara in chiave fashion.
La base di partenza è un telo di stoffa, un foulard, da cui (attraverso una ben precisa
sequenzialità e diversità di nodi)  è possibile creare borse, tops, accessori.
Ma anche soluzioni di arredo per la casa, per la tavola, confezioni regalo.
L'uso poliedrico ne rappresenta il punto di forza!
Come apprendere tutti i segreti della tecnica Furoshiki
Seguendo Barbara Perrone sul suo blog Tangibili emozioni di carta.


 ❤ Barbara Perrone: usare il foulard in modi diversi e alla moda 

(different and fashionable ways to use a foulard, explained by Barbara Perrone)

I am really pleased to tell you about Barbara Perrone, paper designer, event planner, 
giftwrapper, blogger, stylist and much more ... the list is long, believe me!
The Furoshiki experience is one of her latest success.
This is a technique born in Japan, revisited by Barbara in a fashion key.
The starting point is a foulard, from which (through a well-defined
sequence and diversity of nodes) you can create bags, tops, accessories.
How to learn all the secrets of this art?
Following Barbara Perrone on her blog Tangibili emozioni di carta. 


10 June 2013

the way to wear a bag

Among the many détails de style, I truly believe that the way to wear a bag is extremely important!
Here, for you, some sophisticated examples captured by the camera of 
Stela Alves, talented photographer.
And you? how do you wear your bag?

 (All photo are taken from Streetstyle by Stela blog)

08 June 2013

put on your pearls

29.90 USD
35.90 USD
29.90 USD

Sometimes all an outfit needs is a pearl!

(Seen on Zara United States - Official Website)

05 June 2013

dreamy jewelry

Looking at these wonders I only can say: "I'm in love... truly in love"
Thanks Tom Binns for these amazing creations (maybe, one day, one of these will be mine...)
With this so precious dream, I wish you all a beautiful time.
  kiss kiss,

(Seen on www.farfetch.com)

03 June 2013

chic low cost style

Among the most interesting fashion trends I’ve been observing in NY,
I can of course say that denim shorts are a very popular must have, adaptable in different ways.
Here, for you, my low cost proposals to show you how to wear them. 

Top Zara: 39,95 € - Shoes Zara: 69,95 € - Bracelets H&M: 4,95 € 
Purse Topshop: 18 € Denim short H&M: 24,95 $ - Nail polish Essie: 8